A Bright Future for Children and Families

How We Support Youth and Families

We serve more than 200 children every year, helping them secure safe, nurturing homes and other important services that ensure happy, healthy lives. 

We provide: 

  • Safe, nurturing homes for children removed from their biological families: We recruit and manage a large network of foster homes specifically trained to meet the needs of children in foster care.
  • Therapeutic services for the whole family: Our services address the seperation, loss, and trauma experienced by children and families in foster care and help them rebuild a safe, more positive future. 
  • Thoughtful service plans: With the help of caring foster parents, counselors and case management staff, our team works together to develop a service plan to meet the needs of each child. 
  • A permanent home for every child: We are committed to the children we serve, based on the child's sense of time, attachment and best interests. We pursue the best permanency option for each child, whether that's reunification, adoption, guardianship with a relative or independence. 

Youth Services

  • Child Welfare Services

    VOA Illinois believes that all children need and deserve loving, nurturing families. If a child's birth family is permanently or temporarily unable to provide such an environment, our Child Welfare Services Program works to place the child in a safe, caring alternative family environment.

  • Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent

    VOA Illinois is dedicated to providing every child in a safe and healthy home. We are looking for individuals and couples who are interested in opening their heart and home to a child in foster care who desperately needs stability, security, understanding and love. 

  • Child Abuse Prevention Month

    Join VOA Illinois every April by supporting Child Abuse prevention month and standing up for children in need. 

If you would like to learn more about our youth services, please contact us at:
Phone: 312-564-2300
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