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Meet Lauren!

Client Support & Service Coordinator

Meet Lauren, VOA Illinois’ Client Support & Service Coordinator! Lauren describes the organization as innovative, compassionate, and with integrity. When asked which VOA value she connects with the most, Lauren chose innovation. She is proud to be able to give back to the veterans who have volunteered their time and lives to help our country. Lauren’s favorite success story is a recent one. One of VOA’s residents was experiencing domestic violence and reached out for help. Lauren visited her to speak with her about the therapy offered at Hope Manor II and made sure the client knew that her door was always open. The client eventually came to see her, and Lauren was proud of her for finding the strength to go after what she needs to help her feel better. Lauren finds inspiration in her director, Theresa Vidalon, who saves stray animals, stands up to offenders in the community, and manages multiple VOA Illinois sites while staying positive. During her time at VOA, Lauren has grown in strength and leadership and found her voice. She is a shy person at heart, but she has learned to come out of her shell. Lauren’s motto in life is “You can do your best with what you know!” If she could be anyone for a week, she would be Emilia Clark, who played Dany in Game of Thrones. Lauren admires strong women who find joy in life despite challenges. Lauren’s happy place is being in nature, taking a walk on a trail or out on the beach. She loves being outside in the sun and believes that life has a lot to offer if you look for it. We are lucky to have Lauren on our team, making a difference in the lives of those we serve!

Meet Sonya!


Sonya Wilson is a valuable member of our team, working as a Community Health Worker/Case Aide for the past 6 months. Sonya describes VOA in three words as “faith in motion” and feels a strong connection to VOA’s value of faith, especially in how we fight for a brighter future for all. She takes pride in her work at VOA, knowing how important it is to show up for each other and our clients. Reola in HR has been a big inspiration for Sonya, as someone who started as a Social Worker at VOA and now works as a Human Resources/Quality Assurance Generalist. Sonya has also been inspired by her supervisor, LaShonda Ross, who listens and has an open-door policy, and Janella White, who is relentless in fighting for her clients. During her time at VOA, Sonya has grown in compassion and understanding for the complexities of people’s stories. Outside of work, Sonya enjoys writing poetry and creating new recipes. Sonya’s motto in life is “I never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him” – Galileo

Meet CJ!


CJ Fink is one of our HR/QA Generalists and has been with VOA for almost 6 months. CJ describes VOA in three words as inclusive, caring, and encouraging. Their favorite VOA value is Trauma Informed Care and they feel proud to work here because they can see the direct impact VOA has on people. CJ also feels listened to and supported, and has grown to be independent in their decisions during their time here. One of CJ’s favorite success stories was hiring their first employee, Clifford Walker. Did you know that CJ started and ran their own magazine in college? Their motto in life is “The only way out is through” and if they could be anyone for a week, they would choose Dolly Parton because they love her and assume her everyday life is fun. CJ’s happy place is anywhere they can be with their family and friends having fun.

Meet Kimberly!


Kimberly Cotton is a Service Coordinator and has been with VOA for an impressive 16 years! When asked to describe VOA in three words, Kim chose “Teamwork, Dedication, and Compassion”. Kim is most proud of working at VOA because she admires the teamwork and compassion of her coworkers, and the positive impact they have on the clients they serve. She finds it incredibly rewarding to see clients overcome difficulties and achieve their goals. One of Kim’s favorite success stories has been placing veterans, non-veterans, and their families experiencing homelessness into stable and permanent housing. She truly believes that “there is nothing impossible to they who will try”. When it comes to inspiration at work, Kim looks up to our CEO, Nancy Hughes Moyer. “Nancy has been a mentor and leader for me throughout my time at VOA, showing dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude.” Kim has grown both personally and professionally during her time at VOA, learning new skills, improving her communication, and finding a balance between her work and personal life. Fun fact about Kim: she loves to bowl, travel, and is a proud mother of three adult children and one grandchild. Her motto in life is “respect yourself and others will respect you”, and if she could be anyone for a week, she’d choose Wonder Woman – a hero who fights for others and believes in the power of love and compassion. Kim’s happy place is at home, enjoying her favorite movies and TV shows with a delicious pizza by her side. We’re so lucky to have Kim as part of our VOA family, and we’re grateful for everything she does to make a difference in our community.

Meet Diamond!


Diamond Jenkins is the Office Assistant and Receptionist and has been with VOA for almost 6 months. The VOA value Diamond connects with the most is integrity and if she had to describe VOA in three words, it would be positive, respectful and caring. At work, Diamond is constantly inspired by her colleagues. She says, “I am really inspired by each department because it takes a fully functioning organization to succeed at all of the company’s goals.” During her time at VOA Illinois, she has honed her skills by learning Excel and Paycom. When not at work, Diamond can be found going out to eat and seeing a new movie. Her happy place is at home. We’re so lucky to have Diamond on our team, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her at VOA Illinois!

Meet Chiquita!


Chiquita Ousley is the Service Coordinator at Marycrest Village, a 57-unit low-income senior community serving the Joliet area. If she had to describe VOA in three words it would be compassionate, caring and concerned. When asked how she has grown during her time at VOA Illinois she says, “I have grown in so many ways since working here! I am more patients and have so much empathy for the people living here.” Chiquita’s life motto is “love on someone with your actions, smile or simple kindness”. When at work, Chiquita’s happy place is at events seeing the residents laughing and enjoying themselves. When not at work, Chiquita can be found enjoying Hello Kitty as she is a child at heart.

Meet Kari!


Kari Blankenship has been on the VOA Illinois Board for three years. Kari first became a part of the VOA family after serving with VOA Oklahoma. When she relocated to the Chicago area, Kari volunteered at Hope Manor II conducting cooking classes, when a previous Board Member discovered her and asked if she would consider being on the Board. “It was a no-brainer for me. I believe VOA’s chameleon approach to addressing the specific needs of distinct communities is highly effective.” When asked why she decided to become a Community of Hop member she said, “Being a monthly giver is a win-win for me and VOA. No different than our own personal checkbooks or a business budget, a non-profit can best leverage funds to serve its community when the funds are known and recurring. The same is true for me. By using the monthly draft feature, it allows me to walk the talk and consistently prioritize my desire to give financially with zero effort.” Kari started college on a music scholarship as a classical pianist, “so if anyone needs an accompanist for any activities, I’m in.”

Meet Dontane!


Dontane Farmer is the Program Services Manager at our supportive housing development for Veterans and their families, Hope Manor II. Dontane has been at VOA for 5 years and has been promoted during his time. Dontane’s favorite success story has been helping a 76-year-old female Veteran who had been scammed by a former boyfriend out of large sums of money. He worked with other VOA team members to help her find stable housing and work through her obstacles. The VOA values Dontane connects with most is Shared Destiny and Faith. He feels grateful to work with such dedicated co-workers who go above and beyond to help the clients we serve. Dontante’s motto is, “Do what you are supposed to do and not what you want to do.”

Meet Shalimar!


Shalimar Martin has been with VOA for five years! Shalimar enjoys helping the tenants navigate housing stability and foster a sense of community which contributes to building a stronger neighborhood that they can feel proud of. Shalimar is inspired by her colleagues. “CEO Nancy Hughes Moyer is the best inspiration. She is genuine, aggressive, compassionate, and truly helpful. I enjoy working with her at the helm. Aida Garcia, VP of Housing, is a wealth of information. I find her to be kind and super smart. Shauntel Jones makes working seem effortless. She always has the best attitude and a can-do spirit. Angelina Cofield personifies ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’ She gives great advice and is always a team player.” Her motto is slow and steady wins the race. “Since I have been with VOA I think I have grown to be much more patient hence my current motto, slow and steady wins the race.” When not at work, her happy place is shopping at Von Maur!

Meet Lena!


Lena Saltiel is the HR Administrator and has been with VOA for a little over a year. The VOA value Lena connects with the most is shared destiny. When asked how she’s grown during her time with VOA and her favorite success, she said, “Coming from a background of zero office experience, VOA saw my potential and gave me a chance to prove myself in an unfamiliar position- and in turn, this opportunity has led me to thrive. I have learned so much in my time here and I will always be grateful to the exceptional leadership who gave me a significant number of new tools to add to my experience within Human Resources and nonprofit organizations. My favorite success story is working towards filling all of our open positions. When I first started in this role, there were 23 openings, and I was able to reduce that number down to 3. Not only that, but we are Great Places to Work Certified – which is well deserved!” A fun fact about Lena is that she used to competitively show llamas in a 4H group and won the showmanship competition every year!

Meet Jordan!


Jordan Turley is a Veteran and the Maintenance Technician at our Balsam Terrace and Spruce Manor properties and has been with VOA for 1 year. If he had to describe VOA in three words it would be engaging, amicable, and altruistic. Jordan is inspired by his co-worker, Nancy Harper. “She truly is a selfless human being who is constantly caring for all in our building. From doctor appointments to client’s personal issues, Nancy always seems to problem-solve and go out of her way to help whenever she can. Day or night Nancy is showing care to our residents that let them know they have someone in their corner!” When asked how he has grown during his time at VOA, Jordan says, “I have a need to serve the community in a much stronger way. Being part of the organization has opened my eyes and added some long-term goals to be made for myself as to what I can do to help improve our communities.” When not at work, Jordan’s happy place is at home surrounded by his family.

Meet Michelle!


Michelle Quinones is a Case Manager on our Foster Care team and just marked 16 months with VOA. If she had to describe VOA in three words, it would be strong, caring, and passionate. Michelle’s favorite success story is “helping a young mother connect to the resources and support she needed to have a stable home for her children to return home to. The mother should have her children back in her care by the end of summer!” The entire foster care team inspires Michelle. She says, “the whole team juggles their life obstacles, yet we come into work and serve our clients with grace. We are more like a family and help one another not only with our workload but making sure we are engaging in self-care.” Michelle’s life motto is “to always see the good in people” and when she is not at work her happy place is spending time with her grand pups, family and being in nature with a good book.

Meet Shanta!


Shanta Wright is a Program Manager at Hope Manor Joliet and has been with VOA for 3 years. If she had to describe VOA in three words it would be the best company ever! The VOA value Shanta connects with the most is teamwork. When asked her favorite client success story, she could not pick just one, because they were all so important to her. “I have grown tremendously during my time at VOA. My experience with growth in this organization aligns with some of the company values – integrity, discipline, and faith. I am more confident in my role at the VOA. I am confident in stepping outside of my role to help a coworker. I have also grown by gaining new skills, meeting new people and learning new roles.” A fun fact is that Shanta is the youngest of 15 siblings!

Meet Kenza!


Kenza Hutchines is the Office Assistant and Receptionist and has been with VOA for almost one year. The VOA value Kenza connects with the most is faith. “Working for VOA makes me proud because at the core of what I have done since I was a small child was want to help people. Growing up I loved going to soup kitchens, holiday drives, coat and clothing drives, etc. just to give back. I’ve always held a special place in my heart for reaching out to my community and those less fortunate in it.” When asked her favorite success story, she says, “it may seem small, but some of my favorite success stories is actually connecting with the children. Some of the children that we have in care are very guarded, and understandably so. I think that I have found great success in connecting with them, along with connecting with the parents. I think that it makes them feel so much more comfortable to see another familiar face when they come in for their sessions and visits. Plus, it brings a smile to my face knowing that they are happy and feel at home.” One thing people don’t know about Kenza is that she is creative! “I have been doing makeup for 10 years, nails for 3 years, and graphic design since I was 19. Everyone has an outlet and mine is creating things.”

Meet Madeline!


Madeline Kenny is the Foster Care Licensing Coordinator and has been with VOA Illinois for three years. If she had to describe VOA in three words it would be collaborative, strong, and inspirational. Madeline is inspired by her colleagues, “Our staff in foster care is truly amazing! We have so many staff who work so hard for their clients. I also feel inspired by the kids we work with. Their resiliency through all obstacles that they experience is amazing.” She believes her time with VOA has made her tougher and stronger and more confident in her ability to serve all of the clients we work with. When asked her favorite success story, she says, “it’s hard to pick just one! Since I’ve been here for over 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both families be reunited when children return home, and also when new families are created through adoption. Each one is a unique experience that I feel so lucky to be part of.” When not at VOA, you can find her spending time at home with her cat or at TJ Maxx with an iced coffee!

Meet Mari!


Mari Hopper has been with VOA for one year and is the Assistant Property Manor at Hope Manor Village. If Mari had to describe VOA in three words it would be inspiring, nurturing, and progressive. “VOA’s mission is something that makes me very proud to work for this company. ‘There are no limits to caring’, is such a motivational and powerful statement to me, it is a mission that I find myself believing in deeply as well.” The VOA value she connects with the most is faith. One of Mari’s life motto is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13. Mari’s happy place is Savannah, GA. “If you haven’t been, I highly recommend going. When you visit Savannah, it feels as though you are in another world. From the beautiful scenery to the breathtaking architecture, Savannah is quite literally limitless in what you can do there.”

Meet Nancy!


Nancy Harper is a Client Services & Support Coordinator at Balsam Terrace and Spruce Manor, two adjacent supportive housing developments serving low-income seniors and adults with disabilities in Jacksonville. Nancy has been with VOA for 15 years and the VOA values she connects with the most is faith and teamwork. Nancy’s favorite client story is about a young man who is Deafblind and who she has been working with for 13 years. “When he first arrived, he was very angry and lost his temper easily. He always felt that people either took advantage or didn’t understand him. Thanks to counseling and anger management, he gradually was able to express himself more. He has improved so much that he now comes in and talks about his feelings and is able to work through them. One of the things he does is decorate the whole building for every holiday. Everyone loves his talent and it has given him a feeling of sense of worth. I feel his living here has helped him to grow as a person of great character.” A fun fact about Nancy is that she is very involved in sports. “Coming from an all-deaf family, we were all sports-minded individuals. My dad was an athlete and I am very proud that he made it in the major leagues and was the third Deaf professional ballplayer! He played centerfield for the Cincinnati Reds from 1944 to 1947. He developed a plan to help his teammates know when it was their ball to catch or not. If he yelled out that means it was his ball, no yell means the ball belong to other guy. Did you know the ball/strikes/out and safe signs the umpire makes was developed in the late 1800’s by Dummy Hoy? He was the first deaf ball player in the major leagues!” Nancy’s life motto is, if there is a will, there is a way.

Meet Stephanie!


Stephanie Eddington is a VOA minister and Senior Program Manager at Hope Hall. Stephanie has been with VOA Illinois for 6 years! Stephanie says, “I am proud to work at VOA Illinois because it’s a faith-based organization which means I can reference God unapologetically in my interactions with staff and colleagues.” Stephanie’s favorite success stories are “all stories of hopelessness due to homelessness, mental illness, addiction, family dysfunction, etc., that end with progress in building relationships, combating anxieties, balanced and quality independent living. When trauma is managed and daily functioning becomes the norm in a person’s life again, this is not only impactful but also rewarding.”

Meet LaTanya!


LaTanya Gamblin has been with VOA for three months and is the Client Support & Service Coordinator at Hope Manor II and Hope Manor Village. If LaTanya had to describe VOA in three words it would be empowerment, resiliency, and tenacity. LaTanya’s favorite project she has worked on so far has been Holiday Wishes. “Organizing and facilitating the process is aligned with my core work values which made the process delightful. Receiving outstanding feedback from our residents as recipients was one of my treasured moments thus far.” LaTanya’s life motto is “If we all exercise time to really interpret respect, understanding, and peacefulness with this life experiences, then only we the people would not miss an opportunity to fellowship on earth”.

Meet Theresa!


Theresa Vidalon is the Director of Resident and Clinical Services on our Veterans Services team and has been with VOA for 3 years. The VOA value Theresa connects with the most is Shared Destiny because she is inspired by her co-workers and clients. “I see their passion and compassion when they interact with our clients. The clients inspire me with their determination and strength. They work hard to achieve their goals and it is wonderful to celebrate each success with them.” Theresa’s favorite client success story is a Veteran she was working with who regained hope. “This veteran who was experiencing homelessness shared he had given up hope on life getting better. He was temporarily living in a VOA-Illinois facility that was located far from his children and had he lost his job due to his experiencing mental health symptoms related to his military service. The Veteran actively participated in our SSVF program. He obtained SNAP benefits, moved into an apartment, enrolled in college classes, and is working to receive his VA benefits and continue his case management. He shared that he is proud of his hard work and grateful for the support from his VOA-Illinois team.” A fun fact about Theresa is that she is an avid gardener! She loves sharing fruits, vegetables, and herbs with her community and connecting with her neighbors!

Meet Kin + Carta!


Kin + Carta has been involved with VOA Illinois since 2018. “We love to work with VOA Illinois and are continuously impressed by how VOA helps us as a firm to understand the impact of our volunteer and fundraising efforts. In addition to Holiday Wishes, we’ve enjoyed and continuously look forward to participating in VOA’s back-to-school backpack drive, Operation Backpack which allows us to shower some deserving families with love. We also love participating in their annual Hope Walk to raise awareness and funds for the people VOA serves, filling gift baskets for veterans in need, and participating in beautification projects around Hope Manor, a housing development for veterans and their families.” When asked why engaging in volunteer opportunities in your community is important to Kin + Carta and their employees, they said, “It is so important to us at Kin + Carta to engage in volunteer opportunities across the communities we operate within. We believe that business can be a force for good, and as a Certified B Corp, we are committed to using our platform to operate responsibly, make an impact as it relates to diversity and equity and to make a difference in building a better world with the partnership of our communities. It’s motivating and encouraging for our employees to be involved in big impact, with the support of Kin + Carta.”

Meet Katie!


Katie Mulrenin has been volunteering with VOA Illinois for 3 years. Katie was introduced to the VOA Illinois through Board Member, Calvin Gin and was extremely impressed with how passionate he was about the mission of the organization. After attending a couple of events, she strongly felt that the VOA Illinois was an organization that aligned with her values, and she wanted to further her involvement. Holiday wishes is our holiday drive that provides holiday gifts to the Veteran families we serve, the youth in our foster care program, and the families in our Rapid Rehousing program. “I learned about Holiday Wishes shortly after my father passed away. He was a Veteran and highly active in supporting several children’s’ organizations. He loved Christmas and I thought this would be a wonderful way to honor him. It was my first holiday without him, and I was having a tough time coping but shopping and wrapping presents for these children brought me so much joy. This has now become my favorite holiday tradition and I look forward to participating in it for many years to come. My first job was as Santa’s Helper at Orland Square Mall. It was fun to see all the kids lined up excited to see Santa and share their wish list. It is no wonder that I have loved being part of Holiday Wishes!”

Meet Nicholas!

Board member with voa

Nicholas Cade has been on the VOA Illinois Board for two years. “I was initially drawn to VOA Illinois because of its outstanding work to support struggling veterans in our community. And while that work continues to impress and energize me, I’ve also come to fully appreciate the breadth of VOA Illinois’ services, finding inspiration in the critical support offered to foster care families, the elderly, and disabled adults.” Nicholas is a Veteran himself and the VOA value he connects with the most is teamwork. “As a veteran, I appreciate the importance, and power, of teams that trust each other, collaborate, and are dedicated to their mission. VOA Illinois staff work as just such a team, and their impact is profound.” A fun fact about Nicholas is that he is an avid reader! He reads (or listens) to about two books a month and is always looking for new suggestions! Feel free to leave any recommendations on his social media post!

Meet Katie!


Katie Rigley is a Service Coordinator is on the Veteran Services team and has been with VOA for 6 months. The VOA value Katie connects with the most is teamwork because she is inspired by her team. “My team members have gone out of their way countless times to assist with anything I’ve needed and answered every question I’ve had along the way. My supervisor Tiffani especially inspires me with her leadership and problem-solving skills.” If Katie had to describe VOA in three words it would be collaborative, supportive, and empathetic. Katie’s favorite story she’s been a part of is a story of a young Veteran who was determined to find a path to sustain his housing. “This Veteran worked very hard searching for jobs during a global pandemic and scored an amazing position with a great company. I was so proud of his hard work and determination during a trying time and felt so glad his hard work paid off in the end.”

Meet Keri!


If Keri had to describe VOA in three words it would be rewarding, innovative, and integrity. Keri’s favorite success story is about a Veteran she was working with who was living with his two kids and partner in a hotel room. “Through empowerment, validation, and motivation, my Veteran was offered a full-time, permanent position with Hines VA! I am so very proud of him and the time and effort he put into making this offer happen.” Keri says, “I am most proud to be a part of an organization that constantly strives to lift their clients and their staff up by always offering encouragement and creating a healthy morale.” Keri’s life motto is, “if you are comfortable in life, you are surviving, not living. Make sure to take the time to live your life, make memories and be kind because tomorrow is never promised.”

Meet Michael!


Michael Pedroza just celebrated his one year anniversary. If Michael had to describe VOA in three words it would be “Veterans Helping Hand”. Michaels favorite success story is assisting a Veteran to access his benefits for 30 years of service. “He had reached full retirement age and was eligible to receive full Social Security benefits along with a 401K to which he paid into for 30 years! Assisting him in obtaining these benefits was an adventure in it itself, but worth the ride as he was finally able to get back into a home of his choosing and regain control of his life!” Michael is inspired by his co-worker Katrina Gordon. “This young lady has been beaten down to the lowest point in life and she didn’t quit! Like the Phoenix, she rose from the ashes of her destruction to become the incredibly beautiful person.” A fun fact about Michael is that he loves jumping out of perfectly good airplanes!

Meet Anthony!


Anthony Zwaga has been with VOA for one and a half years. If Anthony had to describe VOA Illinois in three words, it would be faith-based, trauma-informed, and community-centered. At work, Anthony is inspired by Acting Clinical Director Theresa Vidalon. “She has the knowledge base, work ethic, and compassion needed to serve our clients to the highest degree.” Anthony’s happy place is “a location in my mind that keeps me positively grounded to the life I have, regardless of the situation/location that I am in.”

Meet Elizabeth!


Elizabeth is part of our team at Balsam Terrace & Spruce Manor which are apartment communities serving low-income seniors and adults with disabilities in Jacksonville, IL. The VOA value Elizabeth connects with the most is integrity. If she had to describe VOA in three words it would be one big family! Recently, Elizabeth sprang into action to help a resident having a mental health crisis and kept the resident safe until emergency personnel arrived. We are grateful for Elizabeth’s dedication to keeping our residents safe. When Elizabeth is not at work being a hero, her favorite place is relaxing in her recliner.

Meet Jeri!


Jeri Thomas is the Assistant Property Manager at our Hope Manor I Property and has been with VOA for almost 3 years. Jeri is proud to work at VOA because of the teamwork she feels and the willingness of other team members to help each other out. “My inspiration comes from within but it is definitely a bonus in my motivation to see how cohesive of a team we are here at Hope Manor I and that everyone is willing to help each other out whenever needed with a smile.” During her time at VOA Jeri has grown to have a better understanding and patience with the community that we serve. A fun fact about Jeri is that she is a horror/gore movie buff!

Meet Melanie!


Melanie Christian is the Manager of Veteran Services and has been with VOA for 2 years. If she had to describe VOA in three words it would be impactful, effective and far-reaching. Melanie’s favorite client success story is about one of her first clients at VOA. “He was an 80-year-old veteran who had been homeless for most of his adult life after his mother passed away and her house was condemned. I was able to assist him in obtaining subsidized senior housing. I transported him to his lease signing and when he received his keys from the landlord he began to cry. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me he had never had keys to anything before. He is still doing well and he has referred several of his friends to VOA for services.” If Melanie could be anyone for a week, she would be her cat so that I can just eat and sleep for a week.

Meet Nestor!


Nestor Zavala is a Program Manager at Hope Manor II. The VOA value Nestor connects with the most is teamwork. If he had to describe VOA in two words it would be trustworthy, innovative, and determined. Nestor’s favorite VOA moment is when a resident spotted a flyer for a female EMT Cohort inside the HMII Learning Center. The resident applied and was accepted into the program. “She was able to use the HMII Learning Center for her and her peers to study in and eventually after several months and several group study sessions, she graduated and was offered a job as an EMT and ambulance driver. I was able to attend her graduation.” Outside of work, Nestor curates an annual art exhibition for veterans and their family members.

Meet Theresa!


Theresa Turnage is a Case Aide on our Faster Care team. The VOA value Theresa connects with the most is teamwork because “It would not be possible to do this job without help from my team.” Theresa is constantly inspired by the work of her Foster Care colleagues. If she had to describe VOA in three words it would be friendly, engaging, and flexible. Something people don’t know about Theresa is that she used to be on a professional bowling team! When Theresa is not at work, her happy place is being at home with her son.

Meet Katrina!


Katrina Gordon is an Employment Service Coordinator and has been employed with VOA for 2 years. However, Katrina has been with VOA since 2016 as a client and now Katrina’s journey with VOA has come full circle as she is serving those that are in the position she was once in. Katrina is inspired by many of her colleagues. “I love that this is a faith-based organization and our CEO is a literal representation of what our mission and values are. With that, she has done a miraculous job at employing those who embody the same and builds teams who are cut from the same cloth.” A fun fact about Katrina is that she was a professional background vocalist for many years and she is a Bible teacher at her church.

Meet Amanda!


Amanda Deichl is the Senior Director of Human Resources & Quality Assurance and has been with VOA for 14 years. The VOA value Amanda connects with the most is integrity. Amanda is inspired by the people we serve who seek assistance and work hard to improve their hardships and our awesome staff who serve them without judgment. “My favorite type of success story is when a service recipient becomes a staff member! This has happened several times over the years; it says a lot about VOA.” Amanda’s happy place is listening to live music and being with people who make her laugh.

Meet Shawn!


Shawn Lewis is the Lead Maintenance Technician at Hope Manor Joliet and has been with VOA for 5 years. The VOA value Shawn connects with the most is innovation because he is innovative in his work every day. During his time at VOA Shawn has earned several certificates in Apartment Maintenance, HVAC/R, and EPA. Shawn is inspired by his coworkers and residents at Hope Manor Joliet. When not at work, Shawn’s happy place is being around his loved ones and building tables.

Meet Priscilla!


Priscilla Redd Brown is the Service Coordinator at PT Bosley, a 51-unit, low-income senior community serving the North County area of St. Louis, MO. Priscilla’s favorite VOA memory was playing “Window Bingo” with the senior residents during COVID. “It was great to see how much joy the game brought the residents and staff during a time with such limited contact.” Priscilla is inspired by her co-workers and resident. Priscilla’s life motto is, “Always try to be kind and when you can’t be kind, be kind anyway.”

Meet Tiffani!


Tiffani Kenna has been with VOA for 2 years. If Tiffani had to describe VOA in three words it would be family, compassion, and creativity. Tiffani is inspired by her supervisor, Cameron. “Cameron has helped me through a lot of sticky situations and always seems to hold his composure. He brings a lot of wisdom to everything he’s a part of. Even though he is a part of Senior Leadership he always finds a way to be relatable to the team which allows his staff to feel comfortable with him and come to him when they are in need. I strive to be as great of a leader as he is.” Tiffani has grown both professionally and personally during her time at VOA, “I have learned to be a leader, to have a tougher skin, and to show more compassion to my clients and my team.” Tiffani’s happy place is dancing at a music festival with her friends!

Meet Charlie!


Charlie Schletz is the Lead Data Specialist on the Veteran Services team and has been with VOA for almost four years. The VOA value Douglas connects with the most is discipline. If he had to describe VOA in three words it would be steadfast, compassionate, and seekers. Charlie is inspired by his teammate, Melanie Christian. “Melanie is not someone who praises herself or seeks recognition for her own benefit. She puts her head down and works hard and completes the task in front of her. Her commitment to learning new things is another thing that inspires me. She takes new things seriously and is willing to go out of her way to make sure she will be successful.” Charlie’s happy place is on his covered back porch, during a rainstorm with a good book and his cats.

Meet Denise!


Denise Matuzak is a Service Coordinator at Marycrest Village, a 57-unit low-income senior community serving the Joliet area. The VOA value Denise connects with the most is integrity. If she had to describe VOA in two words it would be passionate and service-driven. Denise’s favorite VOA moment is when, during COVID, VOA employees from all departments hosted a day of service at Hope Manor II. “I have never seen so many staff and volunteers organize so many household supplies and distribute them to residents in the community. It was a well-run operation and done with love.” Denise is a two-time is a cancer survivor and her happy place is watching a movie with her two children!

Meet Robert!


Robert Hopper is an Employment Service Coordinator on our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) team and has been with VOA for 10 years. If Robert had to describe VOA in three words he would say, “present, supportive and committed.” Robert believes that the work that he does has helped him in the development and reinforcement of his belief in harm reduction and seeing the process as important, if not more important, than the outcomes. Robert’s life motto is Wu wei, or Effortless Action and believes happiness comes from within.

Meet Douglas!


Douglas De Jong is the Senior Staff Accountant on the finance team and has been with VOA for almost 3 years. The VOA value Douglas connects with the most is integrity. Douglas is inspired by fellow employee Katrina and her journey from becoming a VOA client to now an employee helping fellow Veterans who are in the position she was once in. Douglas has grown both professionally and personally during his time at VOA. Douglas says, “Overall, this experience has made me much more confident in myself and my abilities and that confidence has extended to my personal life as well, where I’ve become comfortable simply being myself.” When not at the office, Douglas is happiest when listening to live music!

Meet Kyla!


Kyla Farquhar is the Assistant Director of Foster Care Services and is about to celebrate her 6th anniversary with VOA. When asked how Kyla has grown during her time here, she says, “I learned how to be trauma-informed and less focused on a person’s behaviors, but rather where they stem from. Because of this, I have been able to form relationships not only with clients but with friends and family in a different way, simply because my position requires a high level of empathy and understanding. I enjoy being able to hear someone, offer support, and show love in a new way. Relationships are very important to me, so I would consider this growth to be invaluable.” Kyla enjoys music and has recently started taking piano lessons. Her motto is to remember to do what you love because tomorrow is not promised.

Meet Milton!


Milton Butler is a Residential Engagement Specialist at Hope Hall and just celebrated his 1-year anniversary with VOA. Milton is inspired by his supervisor Stephanie Eddington for her dedication to the residents they serve and also her team. If Milton could be anyone for a week, he would be superman so he could save money on gas because he would fly to work and because he loves helping people. When Milton is not at work, his happy place is at home with his kids and family. Fun fact – Milton has recorded 8 hip hop albums!

Meet Michael!


Michael Anthony has been with VOA for 8 years! Michael is proud to work at VOA because s because the people at VOA genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team. If he had to describe VOA in 3 words it would be teamwork, change, and fairness. He is inspired by the residents and loves being able to help them every day. Michael believes he has grown a lot and is moving in a great direction in life since he started working at VOA. Michael’s happy place is going fishing with his daughter and watching the water.

Meet Jenny!


Jenny is approaching her 1-year work anniversary with VOA Illinois! If she had to describe VOA in 3 words it would be hope, generosity, and aspiration. Jenny is inspired by the front line, service workers at VOA who are giving their all to help those in need. Jenny has enjoyed being able to be a part of serving so many different populations from veterans to the elderly to youth in foster care. Jenny is inspired by Vera Wang, “she pursued her passion to become a fashion designer at the age of 40. Her story shows that it is never too late to chase your dreams.”

Meet Vanessa!


Vanessa Baie is the Therapist and Parenting coach on the Foster Care team and has been with VOA for 7 years. The VOA value Vanessa connect with the most is Faith because she believes in the individual strengths and capacity for change in all people. Vanessa’s favorite client success story is that one of her clients is working hard to have their 7 children return home to their care. This client has been successful in working toward their goals and will hopefully be reunited with their family in a few months. Vanessa says, “I have been working with this client for nearly 2 years. It has shown me the power of the therapeutic relationship and reinforced my passion for working in our clinical department.” Vanessa is a cancer survivor and says, “while this was the hardest thing I ever went through, it ignited in me a new zest for life.” Her motto is, you get what you give- so give good!

Meet Patrick!


Patrick Daniels has been an Outreach Coordinator with VOA for a year. If he had to describe VOA in three words it would be; community, committed, and spiritual. The VOA value he connects with the most is integrity. Patrick demonstrates integrity in his work daily. His favorite memory was when VOA partnered with Imagine Englewood IF for a Halloween party. “A parent approached me, she stated that her son appreciated the fact that I let him use the DJ equipment to play Michael Jackson. She mentioned that her son is autistic and she had not seen him enjoy himself or engage with people in over 12 months. That story touched my heart. It lets me know that we are having an impact on the community.” His life motto is Grind Hard!

Meet Yolanda!


Yolanda Santiago has been with VOA for 5 years. Yolanda has held multiple roles at the organization and is currently the Property Manager at our Hope Manor I property. The VOA value she connects with the most is teamwork because the people at work who inspire her are her teammates. Her motto in life is “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken”. When Yolanda is not at Hope Manor I, her happy place is at home with her family.

Meet Elissa!

Senior Property Manager

Elissa Besterwitch has been with VOA for 8.5 years! Elissa is proud to work at VOA because she knows she is working to serve those who are most vulnerable and she is constantly encouraged by the dedication and teamwork of her co-workers. Her goal has always been, “that Balsam Terrace & Spruce Manor would be a happy, safe, engaging place to live, inspiring the people we serve to live their best life”. Her work motto is: being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s leadership. Elissa’s happy place is traveling with her family because it has left her with some of her most cherished memories.

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