Youth Services

VOA Illinois brings a bright future to children and youth through our youth services programs.

Englewood Leadership Training Program (ELTP)

The ELTP program empowers and equips youth in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago with the skills, knowledge, and experience to make a positive impact in their community. Through a series of workshops, activities, and mentorship opportunities, youth develop leadership skills, foster teamwork and collaboration, and gain insight into social issues impacting their community.

Summer Camp

Summer camp provides a safe space for the children living at Hope Manor II and Hope Manor Village in Englewood, Chicago over the summer months. This 6-week program brings new experiences for the children to open up their world view, and explore what the city has to offer. Our summer camp provides a structured, supportive, safe, and most importantly fun environment for the kids to socialize and be kids, taking a break from any hardships at home or within the community.

North Lawndale College Prep

VOA Illinois works in partnership with North Lawndale College Prep to provide mentoring and therapeutic services to students, teachers and parents to impact the school culture, and amplify the culture within. Our services equip the school community with the tools to better understand each other, and prevent violence within their community.

For more information about youth services, please reach us at or 312-564-2300

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