Poetry Corner

Below is a poem written by one of our Peer Support Specialists, Mr. B, about his journey on the road to recovery.

Recovery, it's a must

Recovery ya it’s a must

There are no if ands what's or buts

I’m a very firm believer

In God we trust

I’m never ever going to do drugs again

Cause back then, drugs was my very, very, very best friend

Do tell if it wasn’t for God All Mighty I’d still be out there

Thanks Hope Manor for having me here

I did a lot of things that I’m not proud of

But since I’ve been in Hope Manor

They show me nothing but love

I know now, doing drugs backs then didn’t make a whole lot of sense

Especially when I was sleeping in abandoned buildings and a park bench

I want this recovery real, real, real bad

Cause I lost everything I ever had

My kids and family didn’t respect me no more

Doing drugs really took its toll

This is it. I quit.

I had my fun

Stick a fork in me I’m done

I’m never going to do drugs no more

No, no, no, no, no, no

I’m gonna leave it in God’s hands

That’s my number one game plan

I did and said a lot of things to get high

To get money for drugs man did I lie

I said what they wanted to hear

I really didn’t care I was out there

I’ve been doing drugs for years

Even though my mother shed a whole lot of tears

She use to look me straight in the eye

And say, “why you still wanna get high?”

Do you wanna live or do you wanna die?

I’ll say, “Mom it’s okay, I’m gonna quite one these days”

She drop her head and say, “son keep the faith

Get down on your knees with me and lets pray

Not tomorrow son, but today”

But before I got clean, my mom passed away

I should have stop then, I didn’t know where to begin

I knew in my heart what I was doing was wrong

I didn’t care, so I continued on

Even though God All Mighty brought my mother home

To sit beside him on his throne

Now she’s in heaven looking down on me

All her prayers been answered her son is finally free

Since I stop doing drugs my life did a complete 360

Doing drugs is a thing of the past


Author: Mr. B