Pat DiNardo

Pat has been writing poetry for years and she graciously shared her poems with us to share to everyone. She has many notebooks filled with poems from over the years and we are lucky enough to have her share one with us. 

To Turn A Page
By: Pat DiNardo

In comes January and all is new
What’s the noise so loud and true
No one has the slightest clue
It’s just in time and that’s the rule.

I hear laughter in the wind
Baby New Year rushes in
Rattles, bottles, and diaper pins
Lots of smiles and funny grins.

Now to change the old to new
All for glory, red white and blue. 
Cheers for service bold and true
Another look and another view.

Stars and stripes and banners wave, 
Fireworks, bands to cheer the brave.
Another toast to start the craze
Beginning of a brand new maze.

Thank you Pat!

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