Meet the Faces of VOA Illinois: Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson hero

Mr. Johnson

Meet Mr. Johnson, a father, partner, Veteran, VOA Illinois client and so much more. Mr. Johnson came to VOA Illinois in November 2022, when he and his family were in need of assistance to get back on their feet and find housing. Mr. Johnson was staying with his partner and their five children at a family-friends, but needed to find a place of their own, and hopefully before the holidays.

Mr. Johnson is an Army Veteran, who proudly served his county for four years. Mr. Johnson began to hit hard times during the COVID pandemic, when he was let go from his job after contracting COVID-19 and suffering long-term effects. Not long after this, Mr. Johnson’s partner had a very difficult birth that required a cesarian section, coupled with a long recovery. After this, the family’s apartment went up for sale, and they were told they needed to move out. Mr. Johnson turned to a family-friend for a temporary stay but knew he would need to find a home for his family soon. Mr. Johnson came to VOA Illinois looking for assistance in getting back on his feet, and back to working towards his long-term goal of owning a home for him and his family one day.

Mr. Johnson was avid in his housing search and made it into a new home for the holidays for his children. Mr. Johnson also participated in VOA Illinois’ holiday wishes program and was able to get each of his five children gifts for the holidays. Mr. Johnson is now working at Hines VA as a health technician and continues to serve his fellow Veterans through this job. VOA Illinois has been able to provide assistance with rent and more for the family, while Mr. Johnson builds his savings and works towards his goals of taking over the rental costs and saving up to one day buy a home for him and his family.

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