Meet the Faces of VOA Illinois: Latrice

Latrice was the very first person to enter our Housing is Recovery program, serving individuals at high-risk of homelessness or institutionalization with the support they need in order to lead independent, productive, healthy lives. Latrice has shown resilience, strength, and perseverance throughout her time in the Housing is Recovery program thus far.

Latrice is a single mother, with a soon-to-be 13 year old son. Latrice was a victim of domestic violence, and largely depended on the support of her sister and mother for the past two years. Her journey took an arduous turn when she was in a serious car accident, causing medical complications and consistent seizures to this day. Latrice has been unable to care for her son, so she made the difficult decision to give temporary guardianship of her son to her sister, so he could be properly housed and cared for.

At this time in her life, Latrice was emotionally distraught and depressed about the situation she found herself in. However, fate intervened, and Latrice found a lifeline through our Housing is Recovery program. She was connected with our program manager Fabia Stafford-Ilevbare, and was placed into a temporary hotel stay within days of getting connected. Shortly thereafter, Latrice started engaging in therapy at VOA Illinois, and began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After just 60 days, Latrice found an apartment with the help of the Housing is Recovery team, taking the next step towards her recovery. She dove back into her physical rehab and speech therapy, progressing so well that she no longer needs a rollator walker, and can get around with just a cane. She has taken counseling seriously as well, and has been addressing many past traumas, and is working to build her self-confidence and developing more positive relationships in her life.

Latrice’s story is one of triumph, transformation, and hope. Latrice has found an incredible sense of pride and independence through her journey, not only healing herself, but also setting an incredible example for her son.

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