Holiday Wishes

Help make our Holiday Wishes a Success!


Each year we at VOA Illinois host Holiday Wishes. Holiday wishes is our annual holiday drive that provides holiday gifts to the children of the Veteran families we serve, the youth in our foster care program, and the children in our Rapid Rehousing program. We are blessed every year to have generous individuals and companies that donate gifts to the children. Each child selects up to three wishes (each up to $25) and we ask our partners to fulfill these wishes. Each year we provide gifts, toys, and JOY to more than 350 children.

In addition to collecting presents for the youth this year; we are looking for partners interested in providing gifts to the adults that we serve. We have created two holiday basket lists of items that the adults we serve could use and would brighten their holiday season! Please let us know if you would be interested in this!   


If interested in becoming a Holiday Wishes sponsor, please contact our development team at:
Phone: 312-564-2434
Fax: 312-564-2301