As stewards of our legacy, mission and the resources entrusted to us, VOA Illinois must be made up of people willing and capable of living the values of the organization, advancing our mission and fulfilling our promises.

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Staff and volunteers of the VOA Illinois family possess the following core traits:

  • Operate with honesty and integrity
  • Display compassion and concern for others
  • Demonstrate a passionate and unwavering commitment to the mission of serving others
  • Embrace the faith-based legacy of the organization
  • Pursue excellence in all endeavors and activities
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation in problem-solving
  • Seek to always resolve conflict proactively and productively
  • Demonstrate a commitment to developing the “greatness" in others through mentoring, support, understanding, teaching, tolerance and servant leadership
  • Communicate with respect, humility and an open mind
  • Promote optimism, enthusiasm and fun while remaining extremely reverent about the responsibility inherent in the mission of the organization
  • Promote a positive team environment and a participatory culture that values the contributions and importance of all members
For questions about job listings please contact Jovan Gathings, HR Manager, at
Phone: 312-564-2350
Fax: 312-564-2301