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VOA Illinois

Organizational Values

We are a mission-driven AND value-centered organization dedicated to living the following values in all we do:


We are committed to operating with uncompromising integrity and within the highest ethical standards and to be responsible stewards of all the resources entrusted to us with the utmost regard for efficiency and effectiveness.

We are committed to fulfilling our promises and doing what we say we will do when it needs to be done. We will focus on the things that matter most and on those efforts that make the biggest difference in the lives of the people we serve.


We operate from a profound belief in the power of God's grace to transform even the most difficult situations and we believe in the potential for "greatness" in those we serve, those we serve with and in the world around us. We believe in the fundamental goodness of people and in their unlimited capacity to transform their lives.

We approach the responsibility to serve others with the same fervor and passion that inspired the organization's founders more than a century ago … a passion that inspired them to do more than simply improve the world around them but to actually strive to transform it.

We understand that we achieve our mission through teamwork and a commitment to common goals and objectives. We encourage the development of supportive and collaborative efforts within and across departments that create unity and strengthen results. We seek and celebrate a diverse staff that bring complementary skills and perspectives to the organization. As a ministry of service, we promote a professional, courteous, cooperative and diverse work environment that fosters mutual respect and consideration of co-workers, colleagues, volunteers and clients

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Quarterly Employee's Choice Award winners

  • FY21 Q3 winner: Michelle Sanders

    Client Support and Service Coordinator

  • FY21 Q2 winner: Theresa Vidalon

    Clinical Director

  • FY20 Q3 winner: Katrina Gordon

    Employment Coordinator

  • FY20 Q1 winner: De-Aundra Kerby

    Foster Care Case Manager

  • FY19 Q4 winner: Courtney Davis

    Licensing Coordinator

  • FY19 Q3 winner: Dontane Farmer

    Housing Specialist, TNP

  • FY19 Q2 winner: Shauna Scott

    Foster Care Case Aid

  • FY18 Q1 winner: Shawn Lewis

    Maintenance Technician, Hope Manor Joliet

  • FY17 Q4 winner: Mishemma Ford

    Housing Coordinator, True North Project

  • FY17 Q3 winner: Sharna Hines

    Employment Specialist, Hope Manor II

  • FY17 Q2 winner: Airielle Macool-Cunningham

    Manager of Veteran's Supportive Services, True North Project

  • FY17 Q1 winner: Michael Anthony

    Maintenance Technician, New North Side/PT Bosley

  • FY16 Q4 winner: Kyla Faquhar

    Case Manager, Foster Care

  • FY16 Q3 winner: Kimberly Dykeman

    Employment Service Coordinator, True North Project

  • FY16 Q2 winner: John Hughes

    Maintenance Supervisor, Marycrest

  • FY16 Q1 winner: Byron Sutton

    Maintenance Technician, Hope Manor I

  • FY15 Q4 winner: Ryan Fey

    Data Systems Manager

  • FY15 Q3 winner: Natalie Watson

    Case Manager, Foster Care

  • FY15 Q2 winner: Amanda Jolly

    Assistant Supervisor, Foster Care

  • FY15 Q1 winner: Robert Hopper

    Employment Service Coordinator, True North Project