Michelle Flagg

Director Michelle Flagg is the President and Founder of Redacre Solutions. Redacre Solutions was established in 2016 to provide right-of-way land acquisition, leasing, title research, zoning, permitting, project management, and regulatory compliance services. In addition to having a small business, Michelle is Transportation Counsel for the Illinois Commerce Commission. Ms. Flagg is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law, and has a Bachelor of science in Computer Science from Spelman College.

Steven Hunter

Director Steven Hunter is an award-winning executive, whose servant leadership has been at the center of a distinguished professional career spanning two decades. Many of his corporate achievements have come under McDonald’s Golden Arches, where Steven rose from restaurant crewmember to global management. In his current role at McDonald’s, Steven is the brand’s first Strategic Alignment Director for the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office. Here he serves as a chief of staff collaborator responsible for advancing global DEI strategies, strengthening corporate and community partnerships around the world, and designing innovative workforce engagement initiatives to enhance the employee experience and…

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