Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all volunteer opportunities with VOA Illinois have been postponed.

  • Organize the Children's Playroom

    We are always looking for weekly or biweekly volunteers to clean and organize the children's playroom at our downtown office. Responsibilities would include: cleaning and sanitizing all the toys, vacuuming, organizing, and wiping down all the furniture.

  • Serve a Meal to Veterans

    Volunteers can serve a meal to the Veterans living at Hope Manor I or Hope Manor II. During the meal they can get to know the Veteran and hear their stories. This is a great opportunity for groups of 5-10 individuals.

  • Complete Property Work

    Volunteer with a group to complete property work at Hope Hall, Hope Manor I, and Hope Manor II. Plant a garden, pull weeds, wash windows, and enjoy a day outside while meeting Veterans we serve.

  • Wraps gifts during the Holiday Season

    Help organize and wrap gifts for the children we serve in our Child Welfare Services Program and the children of the Veterans we serve. Without volunteers many of the children would receive unwrapped gifts during the holidays. This is a great opportunity for groups of 10.

  • Teach a Class

    Do you have a special talent that you've wanted to show off? This is the perfect opportunity. We are always looking for computer coaches, fitness instructors, and groups to host game nights.

  • Service Hours

    Are you a student looking to complete service hours while helping in the community? We have opportunities throughout the year to help you gain credit for school while changing the lives of our clients.

  • Lend a Hand

    Volunteer groups are needed to organize and sort the clothing and wellness closets at Hope Manor I and Hope Manor II. They are also needed to alphabetize the library. Group sizes can range from 2-15 individuals.

  • Operation Backpack

    Spend an afternoon organizing, sorting, and stuffing backpacks for children in need in Chicago. Each backpack is filled with everything a child needs for the first day of school.

  • Camp Hope II

    Spend an afternoon at Hope Manor II volunteering at our Camp Hope II summer camp for the children living at Hope Manor II and in the Englewood community. Participate in sports day, career day, water activities, or bring your own spin to camp.

  • Can't Commit to a Set Schedule?

    If you can't find time to schedule a volunteer activity you can faciliate a drive for the individuals we serve. We are always in need of hygiene products, clothing, and items for newborns.