Helping America's Most Vulnerable

Partnering with Veterans to improve their lives

The True North Project is a comprehensive program for Veterans who are struggling in crisis or at risk of serious instability in their lives. The program provides Veterans with the support, resources and hope they need to successfully win "the war at home" and achieve their full potential in all areas of their life, by working on a personalized service plan with our Veteran Services team.

The True North Project reaches out to Veterans wherever they are in their journey towards healing and stability and offers a full continuum of supportive services and interventions that are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each Veteran.

At its core, the True North Project is strength-based and works to build on the inherent strengths and assets that exist within each Veteran we serve. The program also uses a very relationship-driven approach to helping Veterans rebuild and transform their lives – relationships with other Veterans and with caring, committed staff.

The program serves more than 500 Veteran households each year including both male and female Veterans, single Veterans and those with children and those from World War II through the current conflicts in the Middle East. We receive referrals from local VA Medical Centers, other service providers, vigorous street outreach and through word of mouth from Veterans currently receiving services.

Services are funded through a combination of sources including the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the IL Department of Veterans Affairs, the City of Chicago, special events, corporations, foundations and individual giving.

Services include a broad range of resources and interventions that:

  • Move Veterans from homelessness to homefullness (high quality, stable housing that gives Veterans a safe place to belong)
  • Prevent Veterans who are at-risk of losing their housing from becoming homeless
  • Assist Veterans in finding and sustaining meaningful employment that can provide stability and economic independence for the Veteran and their family
  • Address barriers such as untreated mental health challenges and substance abuse issues
  • Build life skills that are essential to a stable and productive life
  • Assist in strengthening and rebuilding families
  • Provide coaching and support through life-changing transitions
  • Provide counseling and clinical support
  • Help Veterans identify and address the effects of Moral Injury
  • Connect Veterans to VA benefits and other income supports
  • Build self-sufficiency and independence

More information can be found in our Veterans Brochure

If you are a Veteran in need of help please contact us at
Phone: 312-564-2424 (Intake Specialist)
Fax: 312-564-2301


Did you know?

  • Illinois is home to almost 800,000 Veterans (Source)
  • More than 1,000 Veterans are homeless on any given night in Chicago and many more are homeless at some point during the year
  • More than 60,000 Veterans are homeless each night across the US
  • Female Veterans are four times more likely to be homeless than non-Veteran females 
  •  1 in 4 Veterans suffers from PTSD 
  • 22 Veterans commit suicide each day 

True North Project Leadership Team

  • Cameron Kinch

    Director of the True North Project

    47 West Polk Street, Suite 250-2, Chicago, IL 60605 |Phone: 312-564-2388 I Fax: 312-564-2301|

  • Carlton Evans

    Director of Outreach and Veteran Relations for the True North Project

    47 West Polk Street, Suite 250-2, Chicago, IL 60605| Phone: 312-564-2302 I Fax: 312-564-2301|

  • Vicki Bunn

    Supervisor of Veterans’ Advancement Services for the True North Project

    47 West Polk Street, Suite 250-2 Chicago, IL 60605 Phone: 312-564-2362 I Fax: 312-564-2401|