Supportive Housing for the Elderly

Helping the elderly find a place to call home

The Elderly in our program have the opportunity to age in place by experiencing greater stability and independence in a supportive, high-quality dignified housing environment.

Through our commitment to providing quality, affordable housing for seniors and adults with disabilities, Volunteers of America of Illinois provides a safe and supportive environment for these individuals who, with limited resources, are often forced to live in substandard and unsafe conditions. 

W provide high quality, affordable housing with on-site support services in over 500 units in downstate Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri.

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This is why we do what we do

Volunteers of America of Illinois provides supportive services on the following sites:

Marycrest Village Apartments, located 46 miles southwest of Chicago, is a 57-unit low income senior community serving Joliet, IL. 
Marycrest Village Apartments
2115 Marmion Avenue
Joliet, IL 60436
For more information please call: 815-744-7810 

Les Chateaux North and Les Chateaux West Apartments are two adjacent senior communities totaling 102 units and located in the Town Center area of downtown St. Louis, MO. 

Les Chateaux North
1250 Chouteau Ave.
St.Louis, MO 63103

Les Chateaux West1020 S. 14th StreetSt. Louis, MO 63103
For more information please call: 314-436-7523 


Hopewell Senior Village is a 53-unit senior community serving low-income seniors in the Central West End area of St. Louis, MO. 
Hopewell Senior Village
4558 McMillan
St. Louis, MO 63108
For more information please call: 314-371-1227

EADS Square Apartments, located near LaFayette Park in St. Louis, MO is a 104-unit senior community serving low income seniors.  
EADS Square
2700 Henrietta Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63104
For more information please call: 314-773-6674


New North Side Apartments is a 52-unit, low-income senior community serving the North County area of St. Louis, MO. 
New North Side Apartments
2054 Nemnich Road
St. Louis, MO 63136
For more informaiton please call: 314-869-9700


PT Bosley Estates is a 4-unit, low-income senior community serving the North County area of St. Louis, MO. 
PT Bosley Senior Estates 
4301 Warne Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63107
For more informaiton please call: 314-534-4700


Balsam Terrace and Spruce Manor Apartments
Balsam Terrace is a 35-unit apartment community serving low-income seniors age 62 and older. Each apartment has a unique weather alert and lighting system for persons with hearing loss. Spruce Manor is a 15-unit apartment community serving low-income persons with disabilities and whom are 18 years and older. All apartments have a unique compatibility to meet the needs of all disabilities. 

Balsam Terrace/Spruce Manor
1215-1217 Lincoln Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Both apartment communities are located in Jacksonville, IL, a rural town with a population of 21,000.
For more information please call: 217-245-1350