Success of a teenager

We have a devoted staff that works to serve over 170 children annually through our Child Welfare Services program. No two cases are ever the same and our staff works vigorously to provide strength-based, child-centered and family-focused support to each and every child. Because of our dedicated staff, successes happen, both big and small.

Every accomplishment is due to the resilience of the child and the unwavering commitment of our team. Take for example the story of a 17 year old child in our program. She had been in the system for the past three years and when she first entered foster care she had a broken spirit and was down on herself. With encouragement and help from her case manager, her attitude became more positive and encouraging.  She joined her school’s basketball and track teams and even became a star on the basketball court.

One day, her case manager sat down with her to talk about her future since she wanted to attend college, but didn't know where to begin. Her case manager helped her with the application process and because of her hard work and motivation she was accepted into college. Now she looks forward to attending college and her outlook on life has completely changed. Her case manager has seen so much progress and is extremely proud of her, as are we at VOA of IL. We are looking forward to seeing this wonderful young lady continue accomplishing incredible feats. 

Achievements like these are not possible without the dedication of our team and the support from people like you. VOA of IL is committed to the children we serve, so that we can always act in their best interest and pursue the best permanency option for each individual child.