Rapid Rehousing Program

VOA Illinois’ Raid Rehousing Program offers a comprehensive program for individuals who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. It is a 12-month program where we provide rental and utility financial assistance, case management services surrounding employment, financial literacy, benefits coordination, etc.

The program is funded by the Department of Family Support Services (DFSS). This grant (Emergency Solutions Grant) supports nonprofit organizations, cities, and counties to serve persons who are at-risk of homelessness or homeless. The program's objective is to help individuals and families regain housing stability quickly and take preventative measures to help ensure they will never have to experience homelessness again.

Did you know?

Rapid Rehousing Program Team

  • Cameron Kinch, M. Div.


    47 West Polk Street, Suite 250-2, Chicago, IL 60605 |Phone: 312-564-2300 I Fax: 312-564-2301| ckinch@voail.org

  • Akya Gossitt, MSW


    47 West Polk Street, Suite 250-2, Chicago, IL 60605 |Phone: 312-564- 3222 I Fax: 773-874-3611| agossitt@voail.org