Helping America's Most Vulnerable

There are many invisible wounds of war…
but perhaps none are as painful
as the injuries to your soul.

The military is very effective at training young men and women to become warriors. But how do you unlearn being a warrior when it's time to come home and be a husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, friend? How do you leave the moral baggage of war behind when it has had such a profound effect on your soul?

Moral Injury is defined as a complex wound of the soul. It is caused by one or more of the following:

  • Having to make difficult moral choices under extreme conditions
  • Experiencing morally anguishing events or performing morally anguishing duties
  • Witnessing immoral acts
  • Behaving in ways that profoundly challenge one's moral conscience and identity and the values that support them.

How does Volunteers of America of Illinois help Veterans who are struggling with moral injury ?

We offer Veterans who are struggling with moral injury an opportunity to heal the injury of their soul by helping them repair their relationship with themselves. Our program combines individual sessions with a trained Moral Injury Repair Facilitator and the
power of group support sessions with other Veterans. The individual sessions focus on helping the individual develop their own narrative of their experience and identify the ways in which it has affected their life. It also serves as an introduction to the 12-step model of moral injury repair developed by the Soul Repair Center in Texas.

Any Veteran who served in combat and is emotionally and mentally prepared to participate in a 12-step program is eligible to join. We are here to help.

For more information: Volunteers of America of Illinois' Moral Injury Brochure

To make an appointment for an individual orientation meeting with the Moral Injury Repair Facilitator please call,
Phone: 312-564-2444
Fax: 312-564-2301

No one truly 'recovers' from war. No one is ever made whole again. I strive each day to forgive and absolve myself of guilt and to live with the wounds of war that will never heal"

Vietnam Veteran in Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War

Moral Injury Staff

  • Eric Herskowitz, LPC

    Therapist/Moral Injury Coordinator

    47 West Polk Street, Suite 249, Chicago, IL 60605 Phone: 312-564-2444 |Fax: 312-564-2301