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Defining Moral Injury_ Volunteers of America of Illinois

There are many challenges Veterans face following their time in service, but these obstacles can always be overcome. We can support you in adapting your strengths to these new challenges.

Special thanks to the veterans who shared their story. Very special thanks to Steven Shaltiel who filmed, edited and captured these important stories.

HERO 2 HERO is a comprehensive, highly individualized program delivered by Veterans for Veterans who are struggling or in crisis in any number of life domains. The purpose and structure of the program is to meet Veterans where they are, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

One of those many obstacles if Moral Injury. Moral Injury can accompany PTSD, but also appears in Veterans that do not have combat expericne or a PTSD diagnosis.

Moral Injury is defined as a complex wound of the soul. It is caused by one or more of the following:

  • Having to make difficult moral choices under extreme conditions
  • Experiencing morally anguishing events or performing morally anguishing duties
  • Witnessing immoral acts
  • Behaving in ways that profoundly challenge one's moral conscience and identity and the values that support them.

How does Volunteers of America of Illinois help Veterans who are struggling with moral injury?

Repairing moral injury is a unique and deeply spiritual journey that one must take with the assistance of compassionate and informed support. While this is a spiritual journey that (re) connects a person to the deepest parts of themselves, it is not a religious process that requires any particular theological or denominational orientation. The most basic definition of spirituality is a feeling of being connected to something outside yourself.

Our program is goal-oriented with the Veterans we support to achieve greater connection to the world outside themselves.

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