COVID-19, A Message from VOA Illinois

The COVID-19 pandemic has our attention -- as I'm sure it has yours.

I am writing to let you know VOA Illinois has begun to take the necessary steps to protect our staff and the individuals, families, and communities we serve by implementing extensive cleaning and distancing practices to avoid the spread of germs.

In addition to all of the recommended guidelines of hand washing, using hand sanitizer, diligently wiping down surfaces, covering coughs and sneezes, and quickly identifying anyone who may have the symptoms of COVID-19, I want you to know VOA Illinois has implemented the following:

  • Recommending all nonessential employees to work from home
  • Canceling all work travel
  • Reducing staffing structure at all sites to minimize the number of non essential staff on site
  • Canceling all in person meetings and communal gatherings
  • Suspending all events and volunteer opportunities
  • Limiting visitor access at our facilities to essential staff and visitors

We are more concerned than ever for the well being of those we serve including children in foster care, veterans and their families who are homeless or living in crisis, the frail elderly, and adults with disabilities. In many cases these individuals struggle in the best of times and unfortunately, struggle more in the worst of times. VOA Illinois is making a commitment to be there for them.

If you are looking for ways to get involved and help those who need it most, we ask that you make a financial contribution today. With your financial support we will be able to provide food, cleaning products, hygiene items, and essential supplies to over 1,000 individuals that we serve. Your donation will help us to continue to fight COVID-19 from entering our facilities.

Thank you for being our partner in good times and these difficult times.


Nancy Hughes Moyer

President and CEO