Advisory Council Agreement

Advisory Council Agreement


    To assist in fulfilling this mission, the organization has created an Advisory Council comprised of thoughtful, dedicated community and business leaders from throughout Illinois who are passionate about the mission of Volunteers of America of Illinois.

    As a private, not-for-profit, human service organization, VOA of IL is dedicated to partnering with the people we serve to create transformational and lasting change in their lives. To assist in fulfilling this important mission for some of the most vulnerable members of our community, we have created an Advisory Council.

    The Advisory Council is different from the VOA of IL Board of Directors in two key ways: 1) there is no obligation to attend meetings and/or participate in committees; and 2) the Advisory Council has no specific governance or fiduciary responsibility.

    Instead, the purpose of membership is to serve as an enthusiastic ambassador and steward of the organization’s mission and work in the community. The goal of the Advisory Council is to support the organization through individual members’ professional expertise, access to networks, influence in the community, participation in events and charitable donations.

    Advisory Council Pledge

    I will:

    • Attend at least one of (2) informational meetings offered per year
    • Contribute to and/or attend fundraising activities and events whenever possible
    • Be a charitable donor to the organization and/or facilitate donations from others
    • Serve as a professional resource to the organization when needed and available
    • Lend your name and influence to the organization when needed and appropriate
    • Share the message by serving as a positive ambassador for the organization

    Membership is by invitation and appointment only. Generally, members are appointed for a one year term beginning on July 1 and ending June 30.Terms are renewable each year at the discretion of the organization and the member. Members may end their term at any time by simply notifying the organization in writing.

  1. I agree to be on the Advisory Council