Helping America's Most Vulnerable

"To go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand."

Helping America's most vulnerable since 1896

Volunteers of America of Illinois partners with the people we serve to create transformational and lasting change in their lives.

Volunteers of America is a national nonprofit organization providing local human service programs and the opportunity for individual and community involvement.  The words "there are no limits to caring" represent an enduring philosophy of service that spans three centuries. The founders’(pictured) pledge "to go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand” still guides the organization’s growth and development efforts today, more than 115 years since the organization’s birth in 1896.

Our Name

The name Volunteers of America was selected when the organization was founded over 115 years ago. It signified that the organization was comprised of people voluntarily choosing to help others. In those days, a volunteer was anyone who was committed to a mission or cause. Since its earliest days, when Volunteers of America brought food, medicine and comfort to people not served by other charities, volunteering has been instrumental in every aspect of the organization's ministry of service. Today, our services are delivered through a partnership of professional staff, volunteers and other community supporters. 

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