Give a Gift

Each year, thanks to the support of donors like you, Volunteers of America touches the lives of nearly 2 million people across the country. Today, your kindness and generosity will be a welcome gift to a man, woman or child in need. Your gift may provide such basic human necessities as shelter and food and such life-renewing assistance as rehabilitation and counseling.

Your gift will be more than a hand out or a quick fix. Instead, you will be supporting programs and services that encourage positive development, foster independence and promote the type of self-sufficiency that can change someone's life. When you support the work of Volunteers of America of Illinois, you make a difference in your community — one person at a time.

Volunteers of America of Illinois' office accepts donations. Please contact 312-364-2300 to discuss what types of donations are needed for the people we serve. 

*Donate your vehicle.

For more information on how you can contribute to making a difference in the lives of those in need please call 312-564-2300. Donations are tax deductible.

Make a donation online.