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47 West Polk Street
Suite 250
Chicago, IL 60605

312-564-2301 fax

Nancy Hughes Moyer
President & CEO

Brandon Crow
Chief Program Officer/Director of Clinical Services 

Adonya Little
Vice President of Finance and Compliance

Rea Hobbs
Senior Director, Human Resources and Office Administration

Liliana Scales
Director of Community Relations & Resource Development

Amanda Deichl
Director of Risk Management and Corporate Services

Holly Houston
Director, Quality Assurance

Foster Care Program
312- 564-2400
312-564-2401 fax

Danielle Guzick
Senior Director of Child Welfare Services

Jenn Liggett
Foster Care Assistant Supervisor

True North Project for Veterans
312- 564-2300
312- 564-2301 fax

Jessica Smith
Director, True North Project

Carlton Evans
Director of Outreach and Veteran Relations 

Hope Manor Apartments for Veterans

Hope Manor I
3053 W. Franklin Blvd.
Chicago, IL 606012

773-475-6745 fax

Property Manager
Aida Garcia

Hope Manor II

Property Manager
Tyra Young

Supportive Housing Services
(312) 564-2300
(312) 564-2301 fax

John Burke
Regional Housing Director

Board of Directors

Nancy Hughes, President and CEO
Tom Saletta, Board Chair
Greg Steele, Vice Chair
Julie Kraft, Treasurer
Michelle Schadler, Secretary
Gene Carter
Karen Martin
Cecilia Loftus
Carlos Garcia
Karen Anderson
Rose Ann Anschuetz
Brad Keown
Andy Hulett
Mike McDermott
Eric Sucharski