About Us

Volunteers of America of Illinois is a private, not-for-profit, faith-based, social service organization dedicated to helping people of all ages create positive and lasting change in their lives through programs that support, empower and transform.

As a faith-based organization dedicated to creating a life filled with hope and promise for those we serve, we are driven by the following values:

Responsible Stewardship

Volunteers of America of Illinois is committed to operating with uncompromising integrity in all we do which includes managing all our resources with the utmost respect and regard for efficiency and effectiveness.


Volunteers of America of Illinois approaches the responsibility to serve others with the same fervor and passion that inspired the organization’s founders more than a century ago … a passion that inspired them to do more than simply improve the world around them but to actually strive to transform it. 


Volunteers of America of Illinois operates from a profound belief in the potential for “greatness” in those we serve, those we serve with and the world around us.  We believe in the fundamental goodness of people and their unlimited capacity to transform their lives.


Volunteers of America of Illinois pursues its faith in humanity and commitment to serve with joy, enthusiasm and a true servant’s heart.


Though we work independently and within departments in many instances, we understand that we achieve our mission through teamwork and a commitment to common goals and objectives.  Volunteers of America encourages the development of supportive and collaborative efforts within and across departments that build community and strengthen results.  We seek and welcome a diverse staff that bring complementary skills and approaches to the organization.


Volunteers of America recognizes and encourages personal leadership of staff members and creates opportunities for all staff members to develop professional leadership skills and to contribute to the greater good of the organization.


Volunteers of America promotes the effective flow of information across groups and departments and among individuals and organizations working toward achieving our common goals.  Each staff member is sufficiently informed about the mission of our organization, the role of each department and the key duties of each staff position.

Mutual Respect

Volunteers of America is a ministry of service and therefore promotes a professional, courteous, cooperative and diverse work environment that fosters mutual respect and consideration of co-workers, colleagues, volunteers and clients.


To promote and sustain an organizational culture driven and defined by the preceding values, Volunteers of America of Illinois is committed to recruiting and retaining employees who posses the following core traits as members of the Volunteers of America family:

Operate with honesty and integrity

Display compassion and concern for others

Demonstrate a passionate and unwavering commitment to the mission of serving others

Embrace the faith-based legacy of the organization

Pursue excellence in all  endeavors and activities

Demonstrate creativity and innovation in problem-solving

Seek to always resolve conflict proactively and productively

Demonstrate a commitment to developing the “greatness” in others through mentoring, support, understanding, teaching, tolerance and servant leadership

Communicate with respect, humility and an open mind

Promote optimism, enthusiasm and fun while remaining extremely reverent about the responsibility inherent in the mission of the organization

Promote a positive team environment and a participatory culture that values the contributions and importance of all members

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